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Foundation Scholars Overview

Scholarships – Overview

 Rotary District 9710 supports the scholarship programs of the Rotary Foundation being:

 The Ambassadorial Scholarship program ended on 30 June 2013 however there is still one scholar under that program who is yet to complete her scholarship.

 District 9710 has selected a scholar for the 2014/15 global grant scholarship. 

 If it is decided to offer a global grant scholarship in 2015/16, the scholarship will be advertised on this website and the websites of the Australian National University and the University of Canberra. Applications will be sought in February/March 2015 with interviews to be held in April and the successful applicant will be advised by 30 April 2015.  To be considered for a scholarship, an applicant will need the support and assistance of a Rotary club in District 9710. District 9710 encompasses all of the ACT and parts of southern New South Wales. The Rotary Clubs in District 9710 are listed on the District 9710 website

 Should District 9710 offer a global grant scholarship in 2015/16 it will for US$15-20,000 which must be matched by the Rotary Foundation if the scholarship is to proceed. Assuming that the Rotary Foundation agrees to match the scholarship, the successful applicant could expect a scholarship totalling US$30-40,000. If District 9710 is not able to identify anyone that we consider suitable for that scholarship or the Rotary Foundation did not consider the person that we had identified as fully meeting the requirements, District 9710 may then seek applications for a district grant scholarship. The district grant scholarship would be for US$15-20,000. Persons who had been unsuccessful in applying for a scholarship funded under the global grant would need to lodge a new application if they wanted to be considered for a scholarship funded under a district grant.

 Global grant scholarships – key points

 District grant scholarships – key points

 Details of the existing outbound scholars for District 9710 are on this web site. Information about inbound scholars who are in District 9710 is also on this website.

 Contact:                        Tony Trumble    1958trumble@gmail.com (prior to 30 June 2014)

                                        Karl Hillbrick      karl_hillbrick@hotmail.com (from 1 July 2014)

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