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It is obvious from all of the above that the programs of The Rotary Foundation rely on funds coming IN! Contributions from Clubs and individuals have been excellent over the last couple of years – allowing us to get involved in more and more great programs.

Contributions made to The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust are tax deductible, and every cent that is contributed is used for the programs of The Foundation – not administration. Combine those two facts with the 7 to 1 multiplication factor referred to above, and you’ll see that you should be proud to recommend The Rotary Foundation to your friends, relatives and business contacts as your charity of choice.


The painless way to contribute is by becoming a Benefactor – simply add a clause to your will stating that your estate will pay at least US $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation on your death – you won’t feel a thing! Call PDG Mick Newling for further information.


Almost as painless is by becoming a Centurion…. Contribute A$100 per year and after 10 years or so you will have enough credits to name a deserving individual a Paul Harris Fellow. Contributions can be made weekly, monthly or annually – just call Geoff McLean at Moss Vale for details.

Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Society District 9710

Membership to the Society is granted to all those who are prepared to commit to give $1,000 US to our Foundation on an annual basis. Cheques should be made out to the Australian Rotary Foundation Trust and posted to their offices in Parramatta. The cheque should be accompanied by a standard Global Contribution Form (EN-123) which can be downloaded at or it can be obtained from the District Coordinator. All donations are tax deductible. To ensure recognition by the District please complete the District Advice Form which can be found on the Web site or can be obtain from the District Coordinator.

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