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DG's Message

01 May

DG's Message May 2015

Our Conference theme this year—Our Youth Our Future—was inspired by my three years as the District Rotaract Chair.  While I had always been convinced of the importance of Rotary’s youth programs, it was the opportunity to work very closely with a dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic group of young people that crystallised my understanding of the value of involving and working with our young people.  The only downside of becoming Governor was giving up the Rotaract Chair!

While our young people may work in different ways to us (

01 Apr

District Governor's Message - April

Maternal & Child Health Month

It’s not until you visit a developing nation that you realise how important is the issue of maternal and child health.  When Denise and I were in Dili, Timor Leste last year we learnt that in Timor Leste, 58% of children under age 5 are stunted, 19% of children under age 5 are wasted, and 45% of children under age 5 are underweight.  With 200,000 children in this age group, this translates to 25% of Timor-Leste's population; an alarming reality. 

However, we saw a wonderful project supporting y

02 Feb

District Governor's Message - February

February is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month
(formerly World Understanding month)

In October last year, the Rotary International Board modified the Rotary Calendar of special observances to highlight The Rotary Foundation’s six Areas of Focus.

02 Feb

District Governor's Message - March



The Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG) was formed in 2007 as a group of Rotarians, recognized by Rotary International, focused on water and sanitation work.

Rotarians are uniquely qualified to deliver sustainable solutions. They understand the culture and values of the local communities to which they belong.

02 Jan

District Governor's Message - December - January

December is Family Month …

Time for us to step back, review the year past and consider family;  our own and the Rotary family.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in work and Rotary we forget the most important part of our life … our family.  So spend some time this month (and every month) making sure you remain connected with them.  The holiday period often gives us the chance for a little more time for ourselves.  After all, what happens in Rotary in December?  Christmas parties!  Invite you family to join you

01 Nov

District Governor's Message - November 2014

As many of you will know from my visits to your Clubs, The Rotary Foundation is Rotary’s only charity.  It is the powerhouse that enables Rotary to ‘do good in the World’ on the international stage, as well as locally and nationally.

The Foundation provides the financial support for major international projects as well as providing support for those projects done by Clubs through District and Global Grants. 

There are three funds in The Rotary Foundation:  the Annual Fund, PolioPlus and the Endowment Fund. 


01 Oct

District Governor's Message - October 2014

October is Vocational Service Month on the Rotary calendar.  Vocational Service is, perhaps, the almost forgotten Avenue of Service in many Rotary Clubs.  Why is this so?  I’ve visited Clubs and been told “We don’t encourage members to promote their businesses at Rotary.”  Why not?

Have we forgotten that, in 1905, Paul Harris gathered three friends from different vocations to form the first Rotary Club?  Rotary was founded on two pillars:  fellowship and vocation; service came later.

Today, Rotary has

01 Sep

District Governor's Message - September 2014

September is Rotary Youth month, and if the youth activities of the past month are anything to go by, our District is in great shape.

It was great to visit Canberra Rotaract to see the Club in planning mode, and to be able to share with them some of the ‘mysteries’ of Rotary.  Perhaps we will see some of them in our Clubs in future years....

01 Aug

District Governor's Message - August 2014

August is Membership and Extension Month and from the Club Bulletins I’ve seen things are on the move; many Clubs have reported the induction of new members.  I was at Yass for the induction of four new members and at Narooma for another. 

Yass held a membership interest night and from the twelve potential Rotarians who attended, look like inducting at least nine!  Ask them how they did it.

We need to make a concerted effort this year to turn around the membership losses of the last couple of years.  What a great achievement it w

03 Jul

District Governor's Message - July 2014

Welcome to the new Rotary year.

I congratulate PDG Maureen and Stephen for a wonderful year now past.  Maureen’s passion for our youth programs and the Rotary Learning Initiative (RLI) have resulted in great programs servicing both our youth and our Rotary membership. 

As I commence my visits to all the Clubs, I’d like you all to consider becoming involved in and RLI program this year.  District Chair Jacqui Page has programmed sessions for Canberra, Merimbula, Goulburn and Shoalhaven; so there’s an opportunity for everyon

11 Aug

District Governor's Message - 2013

Dear fellow Rotarians,

Our commitment to Rotary begins with the simple act of coming to our club meetings, putting on our name badges, and sitting down together with our fellow Rotarians. That’s where it begins—but not where it ends.

Being a Rotarian is a commitment that extends into so many aspects of our lives: our work, our family, our interactions with others, and the values we hold dear. All of us came to Rotary to get involved, and to make a difference.

16 May

District Governor's Message - 2013

Rotary District 9710 covers a large section of South Eastern New South Wales as well as all of the Australian Capital Territory.  Rotarians in this District contribute in many ways to their communities, locally, nationally and internationally.  This can be through the provision of community facilities, or having people to assist with literacy programs.  It also can be through the provision of clean water or sanitation facilities that improve the health of many in communities less fortunate than our own.  Or of course it can be the elimination

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