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Committee Chair - PP Judy Ford (Yass)


The Challenge

It is truly amazing that Rotary has grown from only four individuals in 1905 to more than 1.2 million members today.  Imagine what it would be like if we had 2.4 million Rotarians!  Rotary International President Gary has set his target at 1.3 million Rotarians by the end of this year. 

As we look to our past and the future, we must continually strive to attract people who will offer a fresh perspective and innovative ideas. Without this energising influence Rotary will not continue to be a major force in helping humanity throughout the world.

With so many demands on professionals for their time and resources, today's service organisations are facing even greater challenges, but with declining memberships.  Rotary has not been immune to this trend, but our membership decline has been minuscule compared to some others.

A report that a Rotarian in the USA recorded 49 years of ‘perfect‘ attendance was impressive but the fact that he had never sponsored a new member was a sad indictment of his interest in the future of Rotary.

Every Rotarian from the day of their induction has the right, indeed obligation, to sponsor a new Rotarian.

In Rotary we refer to the ‘Millionaires Club'.  That is, we estimate that of our 1.2 million members, probably one million have never asked another person to join Rotary.

Remember, each of us was invited to become a Rotarian ... we had to be asked.

How many people have you asked?

As a Rotarian, you believe in the Object of Rotary and in its mission to foster peace and understanding throughout the world.  You also enjoy the fellowship of your fellow Rotarians, or you probably would not continue to attend meetings and participate in activities.  Why would you not want to share this experience with your friends and colleagues?  The only way they will ever know the joy of Rotary is if you ask them to attend a meeting or activity.  We cannot increase our membership unless we are proactive.

Don't let an opportunity go by.

If every Club formed its membership into recruiting teams of two, we would have over 750 recruiting teams.  If each of these teams recruits only one new member, we will meet DG Rowley’s goal—surely not such a difficult achievement.

Check out the My Rotary website at www.rotary.org  It contains a wealth of great information and tips to get you started.

In the end your greatest contribution to Rotary may well be the person you just asked to join us.


There are a series of resources available to you to conduct various surveys of members and report them. They are:

Make use of these tools to improve the membership experience of your members.

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