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Public Relations

Responsibility of the Rotary Club

Each club is expected to

  1. Maintain positive news media relations (RCP 9.040.)
  2. Seek publicity for successful service projects and activities that illustrate Rotary’s aims and accomplishments (RCP 9.040.2.)
  3. Use RI public relations resources, such as RI-developed television, radio, print, Internet and billboard public service announcements, promotional brochures, and other outreach tools and techniques, to promote Rotary’s aims and accomplishments within the community (RCP 9.050.)
  4. Encourage Rotarians to inform their families, friends, and associates of Rotary’s aims and accomplishments
  5. Cultivate the understanding of nongovernmental organisations, community leaders, young people, and other special interest groups who should be aware of Rotary, its mission, scope, programs, and activities (RCP 9.050.1.)
  6. Take positive steps to prevent or correct any attitudes within its community or conditions within the club that may harm Rotary’s reputation and limit its effectiveness (RCP 9.040.6.)
  7. Obtain full representation of the news media in its membership (RCP 9.040.3.)

Adverse Public Relations

If negative public opinion is caused by misperceptions of Rotary’s purposes or activities, a club should counter these misperceptions with well-directed public information and community relations efforts and, where appropriate, strengthen its service program. (RCP 9.040.6.)

If a condition exists or a problem arises that may affect other clubs or RI, the club should advise the governor at the earliest opportunity so that a cooperative effort can be made to deal with it. It is the governor’s responsibility to advise and assist clubs in preventing or solving local public relations problems. The general secretary should be contacted immediately when negative news could have a national or international impact. The general secretary will then assist governors and clubs, keeping the president and the RI Board advised and referring to them problems that may require their consideration. (RCP 9.040.7.)

Public Relations and Club Projects

It is desirable that every Rotary club sponsors a major community service activity each year. A successful service project is considered one of the best methods for extending the public understanding of Rotary. Therefore, it is essential to the public relations of Rotary that clubs actively seek to inform the public about successful projects. (RCP 8.040.1.)

Rotary and News Media Relationships

Clubs and governors are urged to undertake appropriate action to improve relationships between Rotary and the news media. Taking into account local social and cultural conditions and the state of local media relations, clubs and districts should undertake the following activities to improve relations between Rotary and the news media:

  1. Invite news media personnel to speak to clubs on the role of the media.
  2. Hold training sessions, discussion groups, or forums on public and media relations outreach for Rotarians, and invite media personnel as speakers or panelists.

Speakers Services

Rotary clubs should make effective Rotary spokespeople available to groups in their community. (RCP 9.050.2.)

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