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Bowelscan Project

Bowelscan Project

Bowel Cancer is Australia’s no. 1 internal cancer affecting men and women, killing more than 4,600 people every year. But bowel cancer is very curable if you catch it early, and that is what your club can do in promoting the Rotary Bowelscan test. The kits will be available - to people 40 and over - from participating pharmacies throughout March 2009. March is Rotary’s Bowelscan Month, so that people make a habit of repeating the test each year. Make a plan for your Club to support this lifesaving project. Email John Green to discuss your plan. For information on the program go to: http://www.catchcancer.org.au/howitworks.html

Youth Suicide Prevention Program

Rotary has a Suicide prevention program, particularly oriented towards young people. In D9710 we have the services of a professional psychologist, Dr Barbara McKern who is available to assist Clubs through talks at Clubs, the provision of advice, and the ability to refer. Rotary has a range of programs in this area. Would you like an easy and effective way that your club can contribute to the prevention of youth suicide in your area? For more information on programs contact Barbara.

MedicAlert Program

MedicAlert, with Rotary’s support, brings protection and peace of mind to thousands of Australians. In an emergency when seconds count, you may be unconscious, injured or so confused that critical, accurate, personal or medical information cannot be given. Not having this information available immediately can complicate diagnosis or delay vital treatment leading to extended recuperation and even fatal mistakes. Why not have your club adopt MedicAlert as a Community Service Project? Your club could adopt MedicAlert as a Community Service Project, actively promote the lifesaving services of MedicAlert within the general community, and identify those who need our life saving service. MedicAlert will provide promotional material. Rotary’s long involvement with MedicAlert saves lives. For details go to: www.medicalert.com.au

Emergency Advisory Committee

The emergency advisory fund coordinates the District’s ability to respond to various levels of natural disasters, emergencies and community needs. The committee will liaise closely with relevant government, community and service agencies.

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