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Rotary Against Malaria (RAM)

Rotary Against MalariaOur role is to assist the National RAM Committee in its aim of preventing mortality, reducing morbidity and lessening social and economic loss due to malaria in countries of the south-west Pacific. This includes promotion of the Adopt-A-Village Program.

RAWCS is promoting the RAM’s adopt a village program which involves a Rotary Club making a donation to cover the cost of providing treated bed nets for a particular village.

The adopting Rotary Club would receive a coloured folder showing the Rotarians Against Malaria story. The folder contains a full colour certificate, statistics on the village that has been adopted and information on the Rotarians Against Malaria Program.


D9710 RAM Committee 2014-15

RAM Report January 2015


2015 sees RAM PNG moving into two exciting new initiatives in Malaria Control.

Since 2010, with Global Funding assistance, RAM PNG has delivered over 6 million Long Life Insecticide Nets. During this time they have covered PNG twice.  The success of the current program has reduced the incidence of malaria from 15% of the population to 1%., an overall reduction of 94 %.

With the reduction in Global Funding RAM PNG has had to better utilise their resources to ensure the excellent results they have achieved to date are not eroded. The Global funds will be used in two different ways.

In areas where there will no longer be household distributions) the Global Fund will support Under five campaigns in which every child under five will receive a net - if one net is shared between three people, this will give a population coverage of about 50% of the population. These under five areas are those which are generally low malaria and generally easily accessible.

It is difficult to equate in terms of exact budget but it means that about 45% of the population (the highlands are densely populated) will have under five campaigns with 55% having household distributions as usual.  However in terms of budget, the under five distributions will cost about 22% of the budget. Out budget for the next three years at present stands at US$22 million.

The second program is not funded by the Global Fund and will rely on funds raised from

RAM and others to ensure its success.  This programme is called "Chasing Malaria". The programme will see RAM PNG monitoring every aid post in the country for positive cases of malaria. Whenever a positive caseis detected, RAM PNG will give a free net to that person and collect all of the information of where he or she lives. If we get 2 or 3 positive cases from the same village or area we will send a team into that area with a view to providing additional nets and also to assist the villagers to clean up the area in order to remove any mosquito breeding sites and the resting sites. This will incorporate the Healthy Villages program so successfully run in the Solomons.

It will be expensive, around US$2.2 million for each of three years. In addition to seeking the assistance of Rotary clubs around the world we are also asking each of the 111 elected members of our parliament to help pay for the elimination of Malaria in his or her province.

To assist in getting the program started RAM will be forwarding   $600,000. These funds have been donated by Australian Clubs over the last few years waiting for a suitable project in PNG ,

RAM Post Graduate Scholarship The RAM Post Graduate Scholarship is now calling for applications. Applications close on the 20th of February and already there have been  several enquiries  and one application has been received.


TIMOR LESTE   Over the last 15 months RAM has provided 42,700 LLINs to the Timorese National Malaria Control Program for distribution to Timorese Expectant Mothers. On the figures available to the end of October a total of 20,333 nets have been distributed. The next distribution update will be in April.  To those of you who have met the Manager of the Timorese NMCP, you will be delighted to know that on the 9th of January, Maria gave birth to a 3.6kg baby girl, Joanina Fernandes Xavier.  Mother and daughter are both well.  Maria will be on Maternity Leave until the end of April.


SOLOMON ISLANDS In December just over $40,000.00 was sent to Honiara to provide the tools for a further 38 villages to join the Healthy Villages program. PP Dave Pearson and PDG Wayne Morris are working together to see if a Australian Rotary Volunteers can become involved in in the program.  Hopefully we will have a result shortly.


Phil Dempster

National Chair

Rotarians Against Malaria.


Current District Chair


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