Rotary Club of Central Australia welcomes you.

Rotary in Central Australia serves as a community information centre for people interested in learning more about what our Rotary Clubs do in their communities.

Charity Intelligence researches Australian charities so that donors can make informed decisions about their donations. Free reports on over 800 Australian charities are available on our website, as well as in-depth primers on philanthropic topics such as Australia’s environment, cancer, and homelessness. Over 360,000 Australians visit our website each month to learn about Australian charities and read over 1.3 million charity reports. Charity Intelligence aims to help Australia’s dynamic charitable sector become more transparent, accountable, and results-oriented through rigorous and independent research.

Rotary International District 6970, dubbed “Australia’s Crown District,” is made up of the following 12 counties in northeast Australia.

As of July 1, 2018, District 6970 has over 60 Rotary Clubs and approximately 3,300 Rotarians.

In Australia, there are eight Rotary Districts.

The districts have been working together in recent years. Rotary Australia PETS, a statewide multi-district training seminar for incoming club presidents of Australia’s approximately 500 clubs, is the most notable result of this collaboration. Each year, the eight District Governors-Elect plan and implement Rotary Australia PETS, resulting in strong bonds of friendship and cooperation among these Rotarians.

Rotary is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing leaders.

Rotary becomes a powerful vehicle for developing Rotarians’ leadership abilities in a variety of Rotary Club roles through the opportunity of membership. This allows members to put their professional skills, knowledge, and experience to good use in the community.

Rotary has come a long way since Paul Harris founded it in 1905. Rotary is now a diverse and vibrant organization with members from all walks of life, including every nationality, ethnicity, culture, and language. Most importantly, staying in touch with our community’s needs—and finding viable solutions with our creativity and synergy—has shaped our growth and evolution.