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District 9710

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The District has 45 clubs and covers a mix of rural and urban communities of the south eastern corner of New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

District 9710 is centred on Canberra, Australia's National Capital and seat of the Australian Government. Canberra is about 300 kilometres south west of Sydney.

District 9710 has 15 Clubs in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and 30 others within the surrounding areas of south-eastern New South Wales (NSW). All are within a 300 kilometre radius of Canberra.

District 9710 is part of RI Zone 8.

Canberra and the surrounding region which makes up District 9710 is the most diverse economic region in Australia; it does not, however, have any heavy manufacturing industries.

The District covers 60,000 square kilometres. Economic activities range from primary and secondary production in agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, horticulture and light manufacturing to a substantial range of tertiary or service-based activities such as finance, business and government services, tourism, sporting, scientific, health and educational services. Information technology is a significant industry in Canberra.