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Margaret's first contact with Rotary occurred when she was nine or ten years old and saw the Four Way Test on a small stand on a family friend’s desk. She was struck then by the nobility of those ideas and since then has regarded Rotary as a worthwhile organisation, but not knowing the amount of the good that it does. There was an occasion when her father was asked to use the farm truck to transport the equipment used by people affected by cerebral palsy and the children were goggle-eyed at the extent of the disabilities suffered by those people. This was part of the work done by that Rotary club in Brisbane.

Fast forward to more recent years and two of her teaching colleagues were, and still are, members of the Rotary Club of Cooma and she knew that she would like to be part of this club. Sge waited until she had retired from full-time work and was inducted in 2009. She became Club Service Director in 2012-2013, Club President in 2013-14, Foundation Director in 2014-15. From July 2014 she has been editor of the club bulletin each week and have been Executive Secretary for the past two years.

She is proud of the contribution made by my club during her presidency. During that year, the club celebrated its 60th birthday and they donated seats for the main street of Cooma as a thank you to the people of Cooma who have supported the club in all the fundraising over the 60 years. With a matching grant from District Foundation the club was able to donate a total of $12,000 to the Monaro Early Intervention Service which caters for children, 0-5 years and beyond, with disabilities or developmental problems. They supported RAWCS, ROMAC, Foundation, Polio Plus, St Jude’s School in Tanzania, a young student nurse who wanted to gain more clinical experience by travelling to a Pacific island and working there, and the YEP by hosting an exchangee.

Margaret began teaching in 1961 and continued with breaks for maternity leave. She was employed fulltime at Brigidine High School in 1970, later renamed St Patrick’s Parish School and finished fulltime work in 2008, but worked there as a relief for a number of years.

Margaret has lived in Cooma since she was married in 1965. Her husband, Roger, passed away in 2003 and she has two children and three grandchildren. Her daughter, Sue, husband, Phil, and their two children, Colton and Keira live in Canberra while her son, Christopher, and his wife, Karen, and son, Ronin live in Mackay.

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