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District Insurance

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The Rotary National Insurance Program (RNIP) broadly encompasses 5 major policies, Industrial Special Risks, Public & Products Liability, Personal Accident & Travel, Association Liability and Crime.  In recognition of the club activities our District has also opted to take the RNIP’s optional Caravan-Trailer Insurance policy.

For a complete copy of District 9710’s Insurance cover summary can be downloaded from this site or by contacting the District Insurance Officer (DIO) direct. ALL queries on insurance matters, such as the supply of Certificates of Currency for Clubs, must be directed through the DIO.  Claims or any potential claims by individuals or clubs the must be advised at the earliest opportunity as a matter of priority.

The policies are designed to provide reasonable protection when undertaking activities on behalf of Rotary.

All policies have claim limits and deductibles (excesses) and all clubs and committees should factor this into their risk assessments and risk management plans for their activities and events.

Clubs and district committees are encouraged to consider insurance matters and potential issues early in their planning for any event and activity regardless of whether this is new or on-going. The DIO is the first contact point.

Who’s Insured?

Nominated Rotary Districts and Clubs, Rotaract and Interact Clubs including clubs in the course of formation, incorporated or unincorporated.

Members of Rotary including spouses (and de factos and partners), volunteer workers, honorary members, host families, prospective members (from the time their membership has been approved), District, Club and Institute Committees and Sub-Committees, other Rotary bodies and the boards thereof and participants in all Rotary activities for their respective rights and interests.

Further definitions:

  • Rotary Body is defined as an Entity whose activities, charitable direction and finance is majority controlled by, or affiliated with, an Australian Rotary Club or District or Institute or Rotary International.
  • Participant is defined as any person or entity participating in an officially constituted Rotary activity but only when such participation does not involve the representation, benefit or gain, either directly or indirectly, of any person or entity other than Rotary.

Assets Register

A District Asset Register is maintained by the DIO for items that are of value to Clubs which also includes Rotary Caravans and Trailers. It is the responsibility of each Club to supply the DIO with updates of their assets as and when they are acquired. As part of the annual RNIP renewal process, clubs and district committees will be asked in April/May to review, confirm their assets/value, and other questions. Please respond promptly as it’s an important part of the insurance policy renegotiation process.

Plan of Risk Management

The increasing risk of litigation within our society is a fact of life and with that an increasing expectation for formalised processes aligning with workplace, business practices and Work Health Safety laws.

Australian Rotary Clubs and Districts are recognising the need to provide protection for their members, other volunteers and participants and the general public.

Identifying potential risk and creating a risk management policy for your club, group or event can have a number of subsequent benefits. These can include:

Risk Reduction

Risk Transfer

Risk Acceptance

Clubs are encouraged to share risk assessment/management documents to save reinventing documents for similar events. The DIO is happy to receive documents for sharing.

All District Insurance Documents & Forms are opposite


DIO – District Insurance Officer

RNIP – Rotary National Insurance Program

DIO Contact Information

Steve Fielding
District Insurance Officer

M: 0411 286 207

Guidelines and forms to assist Clubs creating their own Plans of Risk Management are available to be downloaded on the following link;

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