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District Protection Officer

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District Youth Protection Officer

The youth protection officer should:

  • Monitor changes in national and local laws related to youth protection, as well as any changes in RI policies, and relate them to the governor and district program chairs
  • Work with the district and clubs to inform all Rotarians of their youth protection obligations
  • Confirm that appropriate screening measures are conducted for all youth programs, in compliance with Rotary policies and local laws
  • Direct the selection of Rotarian and non-Rotarian volunteers and ensure that volunteer screening is documented appropriately
  • Ensure that appropriate training is provided to Rotarians, other volunteers, and youth program participants and their parents
  • Oversee proper handling of allegations and protect the interests of all who are involved
  • Maintain records of all allegations of abuse, harassment, or other crises
  • Keep records for the District Governor on those members WWVP or WWC and Form 3.

District Protection Officer 2018-19
Steve Hill


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