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New District 9705

Posted: Saturday 09 December 2017

As you are aware, we will be creating a new Rotary District that comes into being on the 1st July 2020.  This District will encompass the current geographic boundaries of Districts 9700 and 9710. At the meeting of the RI Board in january 2018 approval was given for the formation of a new District numbered 9705 to encompass the clubs of District 9700 & 9710.

Click here for map of new district with areas
Recently our Rotary International Director, Noel Trevaskis stated:
“There is an urgent need for change both at the Club and the District levels.  Clubs need to find new ways of attracting and retaining members and Districts need to focus their efforts on providing the best possible support mechanisms to Clubs in their crucial endeavour to grow and strengthen Rotary. Larger and better resourced Districts are seen as a significant way of providing this support to Clubs.”
These are exciting times for the two Districts as we are able to start a new district with a blank canvas and as long as we abide by Legislation and RI Code of Policies we are able to create an entity that still caters to the needs of our current programs but is able to look to the future for Rotary in our region.
As a result of meetings within the leadership group of both districts and after consultation with Rotary International we have formed a Transition Management Team consisting of District Governors George Weston (9700), Steve Hill (9710), Past District Governors Irene Jones(9700) and Bob Greeney(9710) to oversee the formation of this new district between now and 1st July 2020. After the selection of the District Governor for 2020/21 to be held in March 2018, the new Governor will join this transition Team.
As forming a new district is a large project this transition team will be implementing Focus groups that will be charged with advising how the new district will do business under the Avenues of Service within RI, its governance including constitutional matters, rules and bylaws, membership and other matters that are needed.
We are under no illusion that without the assistance of every Rotarian within both Districts the new model we are looking at forming will not happen.  To this end we are asking that Rotarians assist us by sending us ideas and thoughts on what you believe the new district should be doing to fulfil its main role of being there as a resource for the clubs in doing good in the world. 
Due to the larger geographical area of the new district, and to assist further the District Governor, the position of Area Governors will be created.  Area Governors will each be responsible for an area containing no more than 15 Rotary Clubs plus any Rotaract or Interact Clubs that may fall within those areas. They will replace the Assistant Governors and have responsibility within their area of representing the District Governor at official club visits and ensuring training and other pertinent matters occur appropriately within their Area.  A new Area Governor manual has been written by DG Steve Hill and approved by RI Director Noel.  This manual will be available soon on our current District websites.  The position of Assistant Governors will no longer exist within our new district. 
  Click here for Area Governor Manual
A nominating committee will select Area Governors along the same lines as the District Governor is selected and will receive training at the zone institute that is held annually within Australia.  The position of Area Governor will be a two-year position and will receive funding from the Governor’s allowance issued by Rotary International. An Area Governor must have been a Rotarian for 5 years and held the position of President in at least one club.
Some other questions that have arisen already because of the idea of a new District:
Q. What impact will it have on our annual District Conference?
A. With increased members and more major towns/cities it will open up opportunities for increased friendships and receptive visits.
Q. Where will our District training and development programs be held?
A. That will be the decision of the elected District leaders of the day; there maybe one large session or several throughout the District.
Q. What impact will the new District have on our District youth programs e.g. YEP, RYLA?
A. You will now have a larger source of youth talent and Alumni to draw from, flexibility in training venues, and the opportunity to duplicate programs through the year in different areas.
Q. How will our District governor be elected?
A. All qualified members throughout the District will have the same opportunity as is now practised.
The role of the District Governor is changing to Administrative oversight of the District Board and the District programs. Travel to visit clubs will be limited: consequently distance need not be a factor in any Rotarians nomination for DG.