Serving Humanity

2016-17 Theme

Community Service

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BowelCare Project Chair:  John Green (Canberra Weston Creek)

Bowel cancer is Australia’s no. 1 internal cancer affecting men and women, killing more than 4,600 people every year. But bowel cancer is very curable if you catch it early, and that is what your club can do in promoting the Rotary BowelCare test. The kits will be available - to people 40 and over - from participating pharmacies throughout March 2009. March is Rotary’s BowelCare Month, so that people make a habit of repeating the test each year. Make a plan for your Club to support this lifesaving project. For information on the program go to:

Australian Rotary Health Chair:  Rosemary Everett (Canberra Sunrise)

Australian Rotary Health is Australia's largest non-government funding body of mental illness research. We also fund research in other health related areas. The genesis of Australian Rotary Health in 1981 was the mystery of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The first projects supported research into SIDS. As ARH grew so did the vision of medical research possibilities. Supported by Rotarians Australian wide, it was soon in a position to sponsor health research in areas that did not readily attract funding. Australian Rotary Health has a broad vision of health by funding projects that improve the quality of life for people who are least able to assist themselves.  For more information, go to: or call ARH on 8837 1900

MedicAlert Program Chair:  Liz Friend (Gungahlin)

MedicAlert, with Rotary’s support, brings protection and peace of mind to thousands of Australians. In an emergency when seconds count, you may be unconscious, injured or so confused that critical, accurate, personal or medical information cannot be given. Not having this information available immediately can complicate diagnosis or delay vital treatment leading to extended recuperation and even fatal mistakes. Why not have your club adopt MedicAlert as a Community Service Project? Your club could adopt MedicAlert as a Community Service Project, actively promote the lifesaving services of MedicAlert within the general community, and identify those who need our life saving service. MedicAlert will provide promotional material. Rotary’s long involvement with MedicAlert saves lives. For details go to:

Inspirational Women Awards Chair: Margaret Atkin (Canberra Sunrise)

Clubs are encouraged to nominate at least one inspirational woman for the District Committee to select a suitably qualified woman for the D9710 Award, to be celebrated at a dinner with NSW Rotary Districts in Sydney in 2017.  Nominees would ideally be non-Rotarians. However, Rotarians may be nominated if service is based solely on community service outside of Rotary activities. Women identified should have shown exemplary service and dedication in one or more areas of community service including vocational service, youth projects, and meeting the needs of international and local communities. Successful candidates must be able to attend the Celebration Dinner in Sydney, in 2017. For more details. Contact Margerat Atkin at or on 0409 924 047.

Probus Chair: Tony Howkins

One of Rotary’s greatest success stories ... ‘A Community Service Program of Rotary Clubs’

PROBUS—Tomorrow’s Vision for Active Retirees

For information on District Probus matters and sponsoring the formation
of a new Probus Club please contact your Rotary Probus District Chair
Tony Howkins or

Community Support Fund Chair:  DG Monica Garrett

The District Governor and the Finance and Audit Committee have this fund available to financially assist persons who have suffered hardship asthe result of fire, flood, or other calamity or whose community otherwise needs financial support. The fund is maintained from District Funds and by donations from Clubs. Applications for such funds should go directly to the District Governor.

Children’s Emergency Medical Fund Chair:  Margaret Maroney

The Children’s Medical Emergency Fund is available to Clubs to assist them in helping families in need. This may be because the child has had to be hospitalised away from home, parents maybe unable to visit, perhaps because their car is currently unregistered or some other great financial need. The fund is maintained by donations from Clubs within the District, many choosing to make an annual contribution. The fund is administered by the partner of the District Governor; contact Denise directly for the application form at or 0422 235 114.