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The Probus movement had its genesis in two ancestors — both in the U.K. and both established by Rotary Clubs.  The first club in the South Pacific Region was the Probus Club of Kapiti Coast, New Zealand in 1974 followed by the Probus Club of Hunters Hill, NSW, Australia in 1976 and The Philippines in 2007.  Today there are 1,900 accredited Probus Clubs in the region with an estimated membership of 146,000.  Probus is an association of retired and semi-retired people who join together in Clubs, the basic purpose of which is to provide regular opportunities for them to keep their minds active, expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.   Probus is proud to be a Community Service Activity of Rotary clubs.  District 9710 has 69 Probus clubs with a membership of 4,682.  

Rotary clubs are encouraged to sponsor the formation of a new Probus club.Want to know more?  For information on District Probus matters and sponsoring the formation of a new Probus Club, please contact your Rotary Probus District Chairman:

Details of the Probus South Pacific Limited are as follows:

Toll Free within Australia 1300 630 488
Toll Free within New Zealand 0800 14776 287


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – NOW AVAILABLE - Quote System for access to the Exclusive Probus Travel Insurance

Probus South Pacific Limited (PSPL) are pleased to announce the NEW ON LINE QUOTE SYSTEM located on the Probus website.

Probus Insurance 

Should you wish to proceed please print and attach your quote to your completed application form and email, post or fax your application to us.

Visit the Probus website for a quote today:

Don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Probus Support Team; your first point of contact; our staff members are your help line to ensure you enjoy fun, friendship and fellowship in Probus.

AUSTRALIA: 1300 630 488
NEW ZEALAND: 0800 1477 6287
FAX: +61 2 9633 4779
POST: PSPL, Post Office Box 1294, Parramatta 2124 NSW Australia