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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q; I’m confused. How do I distinguish Vocational service from Community service and International service?

  • A; At times Vocational Service can overlap with Community service and International Service, which can create confusion. Vocational Service, like Community service, does respond to needs in the community. Vocational Service, however focuses on needs related to businesses and professions and ethical conduct. Vocational Service can also be international in nature, through World Community Service projects, Rotary Volunteers, or Vocational Fellowships.

Q; Isn’t Vocational Service really just a way for Rotarians to enhance their own business skills?

  • A; Not at all. Vocational Service promotes high ethical standards and the appreciation of all useful occupations throughout a community. Rotarians have a vast amount of expertise in areas that include management, supervision, marketing, finance, risk management, and ethical business practises. They can share all of that with the greater community through their Vocational Service projects.

Q; Do Rotary Clubs work alone on their Vocational Service projects?

  • A; Not necessarily. Some collaborative projects can lead to even greater results. In July 1997, the RI Board reaffirmed its 1991 decision that encourages Rotary Clubs to establish communication with Chambers of Commerce and Industry to explore service opportunities and, when appropriate, develop service projects that would be more productive if undertaken jointly.

Please consider this information as just a teaser on Vocational Service and you are encouraged to visit “Vocational Service” on the RI Website.

Further information and suggestions for appropriate projects is available and you are encouraged to think past a “Pride of Workmanship” award which may well be the limit of some Clubs Vocational Service.

You are also encouraged to use the District Vocational Service team – if we don’t know the answer – we will try our best to offer suggestions.