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Youth Four Way Test Speaking Competition

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This contest is a District Project which involves both our Youth as well as Rotary Clubs by promoting a a public speaking competition for High School and College students in District 9710. The final of the competition will be held at the District Conference.

Each Rotary Club in the District may nominate one student each year, however if not all Clubs nominate a student then in the event that a Club wishes to nominate more than one student, such extra student may be considered for nomination by Clubs in the same Assistant Governor (AG) who are not themselves nominating a student.

The time for each speech is not to be less than 5 minutes and not longer than 7 minutes. Any speech shorter than 4 minutes 30 seconds or longer than7 minutes 30 seconds will be disqualified. A warning alert will be sounded at 5 minutes, 6 minutes and at 7 minutes after which time no further alerts will be given.  Each speech must explicitly mention the Four Way Test, which can be included either as a whole or with each point of the Test interspersed throughout the speech. Each Test point must be referred to at least once during the speech.

After the initial Club nominations, each AG cluster should select one student to attend a Semi-Final competition, this selection should be the result of a speaking competition within the AG cluster.

All resulting nominations should be in the hands of the DGN on or before August 31 each year. Semi-Finals should be completed by September 30 each year. The Semi-Finals will produce three Finalists to compete at the final in October/November. All Finalists are required to present in their official school uniform. Where a school does not have an official uniform, contestants should dress appropriately. The winner of the competition will be announced on the day of the final.

Co-ordination of the Four Way Test Speaking Competition will be the responsibility of the District Governor Nominee Designate once nominated and then as District Governor Nominee until the next DGND is nominated.

Adjudicators for the Semi-Finals will be appointed by the DGN. There shall be a minimum of three (3) and if possible, at least one of their number shall be a Past District Governor or District Governor Elect.The District Governor shall appoint adjudicators for the Final. There shall be a minimum of three (3) adjudicators, one of which may be the District Governor.

Each of the three Finalists will receive a small trophy recognizing their participation and achievements. The Trophy will bear the words of the Four Way Test. The winning Finalists will have their name engraved on a perpetual trophy.

A presentation will take place at an appropriate occasion at the winning students High School or College. It will be made by the District Governor or his appointed Representative, as well as the President of the nominating Club.

The School will also be presented with a Certificate recognising their winning Student, which will bear the Student’s as well as the School’s name, the year and the words of the Four Way Test.

Full details of the Protocols and an adjudication guide  can be found here

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